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Landscaping Is All About Individual Presentation

LandscapingOne of the most important aspects of landscaping is individual taste which enables one to create character, elegance and visual appeal in the landscape gardens and its structural surroundings. With every landscape setting including; residential, commercial, community or industrial application, the design is a vital component as there are various considerations to determine the overall presentation, specific wants and needs. All this will depend on the size, the shape, the surroundings, the character that needs to be created, which therefore will require a different and individual approach in designing the perfect landscape setting. We at Blue Hills Inc have professional designers to meet your expectations and beyond as our consultants can create the ultimate landscaping presentation to suit each individual setting. Our designers will work with you to make your landscaping vision become a reality.

What Are The Main Three Elements To Landscaping?

There are three main landscaping elements that complement one another to create a beautiful landscape presentation, they are referred to as; softscapes, hardscape and water-scapes. Softscape represents flowers, trees, plant and shrubs which create color, uniformity and visual beauty. Hardscape represents the structural aspects such as; pavers for pavements, patio structures for outdoor living areas, pond structures, fencing and retaining walls. Waterscape is referred to applications which feature some form of water such as; water ponds, fish ponds, waterfalls, fountains and swimming pools. We at Blue Hills Inc have a wonderful range of hardscape, softscape and waterscape products, whether you're a landscape contractor, builder, designer or home owner, talk to us first and let us make all of your landscaping dreams come to life. Make that first step and contact us and we can provide you with the best possible and exceptional customer service, we can provide you with excellent information in reference to product knowledge, the dos and don'ts to landscaping and why not take advantage of our professional design team. To contact us, it's easy, you can drop us a line, send us an email or you can come in to our showroom.

We Have a Great Range of Pavers

Landscaping Blue Hills Inc has a wonderful range in pavers to meet all types of paving projects. We have natural stone pavers, concrete pavers, cement pavers, clay brick pavers and many more to personally choose from. As for paver shapes, sizes, thickness, textures and surface finishes, our range is absolutely wonderful. If you have a boring and unattractive driveway, walkway, pool area or pathway that you want to revitalize or remodel, talk to us and we recommend you with the best possible paving product to suit your budget, individual taste and specific landscaping requirements. Our design team can come out to the site and propose their design ideas. For those who want to put in new pavements, check out our extensive range in paving products and you will be glad you did. We can even custom make pavers for those who want something really unique and unusual, for further advice on our custom made service, speak to one of our experts and they will provide you with all of the relevant information and any queries you may have.

Our Maintenance Offer

The maintenance and upkeep programme to maintain the landscaping presentation is one of the most crucial aspects in terms of keeping up the appearance all year round by looking after the landscaped gardens and the structural surroundings. This is another great service we have to offer at Blue Hills Inc for all types of residential, community, commercial and industrial landscape settings. Leave the hard work to our landscape contractors that will maintain the appearance all year round by; mowing lawns, pruning, hedging, removing dead greenery, putting in new greenery or replacing soil. Our contractors can also maintain, clean or replace all aspects in the hardscape structural elements in the landscape setting and surroundings.

Cities that are served in Illinois (IL):
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