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The use of pavers in every landscaping project has already become a norm. Apparently, homeowners and business owners have realized the numerous advantages of using these kinds of paving materials. If ever you also want them installed in your property, then Blue Hills, Inc. is the company to call. We specialize in design, installation, and maintenance of paved surfaces in Dekalb and other areas in Illinois.

What Are Pavers?

Paverss There are different types of pavers used in landscaping. The most common are the precast pieces of concrete used on exterior surfaces like hardscape areas. Natural stones, like granite, limestone, and marble, are also called "pavers" if cut for the purpose of easy installation. They are preferred by some homeowners because of their elegant appeal.

Other materials that can be used for paving are bricks. These materials are baked in a kiln under a very high temperature to achieve their unmatched durability. The only drawback that the brick has is the very limited color selection, which is also somewhat the issue with natural stones. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, are the most preferred because of the varieties in the designs, patterns, and colors. Why not? They're manufactured and therefore can have whatever color, shape, or texture that a market desires. Repair and replacement is also easy because you only have to remove the damaged or broken pieces. They can also last for years with minimal maintenance. And the most durable of all is the natural stone paver. It can last from generations to generations, even with simple maintenance.

In the end, it won't matter what kind of paver you choose because, when compared to other materials, like concrete slabs and asphalt, it is still the winning choice. It is durable, elegant, and can match any theme that you desire for your landscape.

Installing Pavers in Your Outdoor Area

As already mentioned, pavers are specifically manufactured for exterior use, and they can be used on any paved surface outdoors. They are commonly used in patios and driveways. Besides these areas, these paving materials are also great for sidewalks, walkways, retaining walls, and pool decks.

Paverss There are many reasons why pavers are recommended in these areas. They are thick and, therefore, can resist heavy and busy traffic. They're also compact, and, therefore, moisture cannot easily penetrate them. They are laid down one by one with sand-filled grout in between and, therefore, add flexibility and prevent cracking. All these qualities have made them the best choices for landscape use. Best of all, they are beautiful and become more interesting when laid down. Moreover, different patterns can be achieved, making them good focal points in outdoor areas.

Quality Products and Installation from Blue Hills

The quality and aesthetics of paved areas will depend on how skillfully they were installed. At Blue Hills, our people are all experienced in providing high-quality installation services. And we only use the best paving materials in the market. Our company has partnered with Belgard and Northfield Block—two of the most reputable paver suppliers in the country.

With Blue Hills, you get nothing less but only the best of what pavers can offer. Call us today for your free consultation, estimate, and references.

Cities that are served in Illinois (IL):
  • Kane, IL
  • Dekalb, IL
  • Dupage, IL
  • Will, IL
  • Kendall, IL