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Retaining Walls

Any landscape development project can never be complete without retaining walls being built. And here at Blue Hills, we know that installing these outdoor structures is not only meant for aesthetic enhancement, but also for very important functions.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls There are several good reasons why you should have retaining walls built in strategic locations all around your property. Specifically, these are how these hardscapes could benefit you:

Prevent soil erosion. If you have hilly areas in your property where the soil is unsteady or loose, a retaining wall would ensure that the earth behind it won't accidentally erode. As it is, loose soil is always a potential safety risk especially during heavy rainfall or in the event of a violent earthquake. A retaining wall built in such risk-prone areas ensure your family's and guests' safety.

Add curve appeal. A creatively installed retaining wall is always a sight to behold. Our expert workers can create stunning retaining walls that are guaranteed to impress guests and onlookers.

Maximize available space. When you have a retaining wall in your property, you are essentially turning an otherwise barren space into a functional spot. With the help of these structures, the space can now be turned into a mini garden or as a resting area complete with sitting elements and fire features.

Where to Build Retaining Walls?

Meanwhile, these are the common areas in the landscape where we recommend retaining walls to be built:
  • Natural slopes
  • Around properties situated at the foot of a hill or mountain
  • Along walkways close to a hilly area

Partnership with the Leading Supplier of Retaining Wall System

We have strong partnerships with the industry's best suppliers of landscaping materials so you're assured of the high quality of our products. Our retaining wall materials come in various designs, sturdy, and can easily match any property's overall theme.

Retaining Walls One of our trusted suppliers happens to be Belgard. The company is an industry leader in providing premium landscaping and construction materials. They provide us with top notch products like Celtik, a line of retaining wall materials that come in a wide array of colors and patterns that simulate natural stones for an authentic look. Its uneven look will make your retaining wall appear like it's already over several hundred years old. Belgard's retaining walls are easy to install and are maintenance free. Their Celtik wall system, in particular, is so versatile that it can also be used in planting beds, terraces, steps, and many other permanent structures.

Belgard's products are some of the best materials available in the market today, and we have been using their materials when creating retaining walls for our clients in DeKalb, Dupage, Kendall, and other areas in Illinois. With Belgard as one of our principal partners, we're confident that we can provide the look that you need for your outdoors.

Quality Retaining Wall Installation

Call us today at 815-787-8122 if you wish to avail of our landscape installation services, particularly the design and creation of stunning and sturdy retaining walls. Our friendly staff will be ready to address your queries on our retaining wall installation services.

Cities that are served in Illinois (IL):
  • Kane, IL
  • Dekalb, IL
  • Dupage, IL
  • Will, IL
  • Kendall, IL