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Snow Plowing/Ice Control

Winter in some cities of Illinois can be more bearable, but most are not. That is why most homeowners and commercial property owners are not spared from the problems caused by heavy snow fall or snow storms. The snow and ice problem is a tiring and dangerous task, especially in the winter season. No worries about the chilling temperature or the work needed to clean your outdoors with snow or ice. Blue Hills, Inc. offers snow plowing and ice control services not only in Dekalb but also in other areas in Illinois. With us, winter will be fun again.

Snow in Illinois

Snow Plowing/Ice Control Springfield and Quincy are known to be somewhat forgiving during the cold season. But don't expect the same treatment in Rockford or Moline. In fact, never expect a snow-free winter in the state. And because of the frequent snow fall in most areas, it just takes some days to get five-inch deep of snow. In no time, it can go as deep as 10 inches or more. For homeowners and business owners, it will become a challenge to go in and out of their properties.

When this situation happens, you have no choice but to start a snow plowing job. If this is not taken care of immediately, snow will turn into ice, and this will result in bigger problems in your property. Ice is heavier and more difficult to remove. The trick is to take care of the problem as soon as possible and get the help of professionals.

Snow Plowing Services

At Blue Hills, we offer reliable snow plowing services. The regular household plow is never enough for a quick snow removal. Even a tractor with attached snow plow can never match our much more powerful and bigger plow attached to our vehicles.

With our snow plowing, we'll carefully push the snow out of your property, particularly on your driveway. For smaller and more detailed areas, we'll have to manually remove ice. But that's not a problem with us, because we have well-trained people working on your property.

Effective Ice Control

Snow Plowing/Ice Control Although possible, it will be a disaster to try and plow ice. A correct ice control procedure must be followed. Our recommendation is de-icing, using melting chemicals that are safe for the landscape and the environment. Perhaps, you're familiar with few de-icing products in the market, but we carefully choose the best products to use in our clients' properties. We also do this in a more effective way through the help of our equipment that spreads the products for even, better, and faster de-icing procedure.

Sometimes, manual ice removal is needed. And we do this carefully because improper de-icing can damage some landscape elements like pavers. Wooden benches might get dents or that valuable statue might have scratches. Other techniques are also used to protect delicate landscape elements.

Reliable Snow and Ice Management

Winter or not, it's important that you think ahead. Plan how to minimize snow and ice problems in your yard or properties. It will be on your best interest to make winter as worry free as possible. You can only achieve this with the help of a company that can handle snow and ice management efficiently. At Blue Hills, you will get reliable snow plowing and ice control services for your property.

Cities that are served in Illinois (IL):
  • Kane, IL
  • Dekalb, IL
  • Dupage, IL
  • Will, IL
  • Kendall, IL